Umpiring & Courses


Information regarding umpiring within Avon, including workshops and umpire requests, will be published on the Avon Netball Umpires Facebook Group. Further information can also be found below, or by contacting ANA Umpiring Secretary Sarah Weston here with any questions or general umpiring queries.

Please click here to view a document containing umpire, coach and player responsibilities.


Courses & workshops

The dates of upcoming courses in Avon and their booking forms can be found below.


The first Into Officiating Course of the season is on Sunday 10th September from 10am until 4pm. To book, download the booking form here.

C-Award course:

Details of the next C-Award course will be sent directly to those umpires who have attended the Into Officiating course.



Recent achievements

A Award: Nicky Palmer (Team Bath)

B Award: Shamaine Peglar (Ashton Aces), Fran Whittle (Mavericks), Donna Murphy (PSL Panthers)

C Award: Jessica Winter (Doves), Teresa Chadwick (Frampton), Emily Wilkins (Harlequins), Alice Macgregor (Oasis), Cristobel Reed (Oasis), Kirsty Jenkins (Royals Reunited - WSM), Lisa Stone (Sparks), Emily Harrison (Team Bath), Naomi Cately (Winterbourne), Charlie James (Winterbourne)


C Award assessment details

Click here for information on how to qualify as a C Award umpire, including courses, assessments, pass rates, time frames, fees and who to contact.
Click here to view a sample test paper, and here to see the answers.


Discipline and Game Management

Click here for the full version of Gary Burgess's game management guide. 


Umpiring Clothing

Avon Netball are now able to offer various umpiring clothing for our local officials. All in white, with the Avon Netball logo included, these will make your position clear on court and to people nearby, so click here to download an order form.


Umpiring & scoring

All clubs should have appropriately qualified umpires, as specified below:

Senior Matches

Premier/Division 1 - B Award or above
Division 2 - C Award, working towards B Award
Divisions 3 to 11 - C Award or above

Junior Matches

Under 16s - C Award or above
Under 14s - C Award or above
Under 12s - C Award or above

Click here to view the procedures to be followed at injury time.

All teams should also provide scorers. Guidelines for scorers can be found here.


Feedback forms

To download the Umpire Feedback Form, please click hereThis form should be filled out by the captain, or coach, if and when appropriate - it does not need to be filled in after every match. It will be used for highlighting umpires who are consistently good, as this will help us to identify our Umpire of the Year.

Please return this form directly to Sandra Nash, one of the ANA Umpiring team, by clicking here.